twitter1If it wasn’t for the assignment I had to do in my class, I don’t think I would have ever made a twitter account or even tried it out.

After the assignment I had, I know that I will never want to keep up with twitter and was happy I never did make an account before.

Twitter, I found, is so pointless and time wasting. I really don’t get the point of it. Maybe I am missing something. Basically, all I see twitter to be is a website where people go and update status’s all day long of what they are doing or possible topics and stories they find interesting.

I don’t see the big deal of it. All twitter did is take one small aspect of facebook, which is the status updates, and make that into a whole website.

Twitter is incredibly confusing and hard to keep up with. When people update their status’s your whole twitter “wall” fills up with status updates that are hard to read and distinguish from one another.

I don’t understand why people waste their time using twitter. You get random people following you, which is a bit creepy needless to say, and I found no benefit or learning experience from it. I couldn’t even visit a profile to see who the people following me were.

After about a week I noticed my direct message inbox, that blended into the background, which caused me to not even notice it before. I saw two messages from acmaurer, a journalist, and the coloneltribune welcoming me to twitter. Well, I didn’t really feel very welcome there given that I could not understand how to use anything, and when I did I found it to be a waste of time.

In my opinion, facebook is a lot more easier to use and less creepy. At least on facebook we can see the profiles of the people who add us and vice verse.

I think twitter is just going to be a short phase that is going to die down soon, and then people might see what a waste of time it was.


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