Is Osama bin Laden really dead?

I think it’s safe to say that most people in this world are very happy that Osama bin Laden is finally dead. Or is he?

What proof do we really have, other than the American government said so, that bin Laden is truly dead? Yes, Al-Qaeda did “confirm” his death, but they never mentioned what proof they had or saw that allowed them to confirm his death. Maybe Al Qaeda is just going along with it in order to keep bin Laden, IF he is still alive, safe. Or, maybe this is now a solid excuse for Al-Qaeda to justify future attacks they may be planning. Who knows?

But one thing I do know is that America and the world deserves to see pictures of bin Laden actually dead. And no, not the photoshoped ones that people put together, I’m talking about the real photos.

President Obama justifies the US’s decision to not release the photos by saying,

“It is important to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence or as a propaganda tool …We don’t trot out this stuff as trophies…given the graphic nature of these photos it would create a national security risk.”

Let’s take President Obama’s response and break it down. I am going to start with his excuse that, “It is important to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence.”

With all due respect to our president, I don’t think that releasing photos of the death of the man who has terrorized the entire world, is going to spark anymore violence than what has already consumed our world. If that is a reason, then how about banning violent shows, violent movies, violent video games, the news, music, etc. I believe the true reason for this world’s violence lies more on what I have just named, than a picture proving the man who has terrorized our nation and the world is dead.

Another reason why the US government doesn’t want to release the photos is, “It is important to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating around as… a propaganda tool.”

Really? As if this world, media and its people are completely free of propaganda, and the photo of the death of the man who terrorized and destroyed the lives of thousands maybe even millions of people, is going to make or break the propaganda we are going to see in the future.

Next up is, “We don’t trot out this stuff as trophies.” Well, let’s forget that bin Laden terrorized the world, and let’s just focus on America. Don’t you think that Americans deserve to see the death of the man who killed thousands of Americans, planted fear in millions of Americans, was the start for many wars for this country, and sparked the horrendous economy that has plagued the United States? I believe these people deserve to at least just have a peace of mind that bin Laden is actually dead.

Think to yourselves a little bit. How many of you, upon hearing that the US government was not going to release the photos of bin Laden’s death, thought to yourselves and said, “Man, I know he’s dead and all, but I wish I can actually see it, it would give me that feeling of relief and erase any doubts I might have about this.”

Lastly, we have, “given the graphic nature of these photos it would create a national security risk.”

Is this seriously an excuse? I don’t think releasing a photo of bin Laden’s death is going to anger Al-Qaeda more than they already are. And I don’t think the national security of the United States is going to be at stake more than it already is. If this really is a worry for the United States, then they should have thought twice about invading Iraq, having armies and bases in Afghanistan and Pakistan, giving billions of dollars, weapons and military support to Israel each year, getting involved in other country affairs when they have nothing to do with it. I think these subjects threaten the US’s national security a lot more than releasing a photo of Osama Bin Laden dead as proof to people of his death.

I’m going to agree with President Obama about not releasing the photos to the public for a second and agree with the excuses he has listed above. But I will still ask myself, why doesn’t the American government at least release the photos to the families who have been directly affected by bin Laden and have lost a loved one because of him? Don’t they at least deserve to have some peace of mind, and feel assured that the man who has robbed them of their loved one is truly dead?

Now, let’s assume the excuses President Obama has given are valid and that bin laden was killed by the US military in Pakistan, but then why did the US government burry his body at sea?

It seems like a great plot to dispose of the body so that it can never be found, never be able to get the proof that it was actually him, and it was very quick, which also quickly disposed the fear of having something exposed that they might not have wanted exposed.

The government’s excuse was, that they wanted to handle bin Laden’s body with accordance to Muslim tradition and make sure his body was buried within 24 hours.

This excuse actually angers me more than any other excuse given by the US government thus far because it is entirely hypocritical. The burial was everything, but in accordance to Muslim tradition. Actually, if the US wanted to go by Muslim tradition they were supposed to give the body back to the family so that it can be buried in a grave with the head pointed toward Mecca.

Now, for the sake of the argument I am going to assume that bin Laden is dead. The next question I pose though is, had he really been killed by the US military in Pakistan on May 1, 2011?

I mean, the timing is just impeccable, so close to the 2012 presidential elections. President Obama’s popularity was seeing great declines, and his chances for re-election were getting smaller by the minute. What better boost can President Obama have than catching the most wanted and hated man in America, whom they have been trying to catch for the past ten years, and that the Republican Party couldn’t do?

I want you guys to take a look at this interview with Benazir Bhutto. Bhutto was the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, leader of the opposition Pakistan Peoples Party and was running for Pakistan’s general elections in January 2008. This interview with Bhutto was done on November 2, 2007 by David Frost, a reporter for Al-Jazeera English, where you can see she makes the claim at 2:15, that “Omar Sheikh murdered Osama bin Laden.” Ironically, Bhutto was assassinated on December 27, 2007; a little over one month after this interview took place.

Although this accusation was not the first stating that bin Laden was dead, it was one of the more controversial ones, especially that Bhutto was killed one month after her accusation was made.

There were also many other accusations claiming he was dead. There was the battle of Toro Boro, then there was the reports of him dying from kidney failure in 2002, followed by many other reports that he was arrested or he  died; the list is quite big.

One question I did ask myself in the last ten years was that how can the United States of America, one of the most powerful countries in the world, one of the most high tech countries in the world and one of the most smartest governments in the world not be able to find one man an his team. For sure, that shouldn’t have been a challenge for this country. Am I wrong?

But there is a slim chance that we might ever be able to know the truth for sure.  I just wanted to bring these questions and issues up to get people to think a little bit rather than believe everything said to them by their government and media. I, like the next world citizen, would love to know for sure that Osama bin Laden has graced us with his death and freed the world of his presence. Although I do personally believe he is dead, how or when I can’t say, I do have my questions and concerns, and believe you should too.


2 Responses to “Is Osama bin Laden really dead?”

  1. Timoteo Says:

    i have suspected that he has been dead for some time, and that it was not at all by american hands!! i suspect our gevernment has known that he was dead but kept it secret untill a convenient point. i don’t beleive its obama trying to get support but rather the people who got obama put in power in the first place… of course things like elections are rigged not only by our voting system but also by the media (which is not liberal). so these corporate heads that pushed for obama’s election are once again pushing for re election. this doesnt bother me since all presidents are just puppets with public faces to hide the vast amount of corrupt corporate heads that really run this country. i also laughed at the “muslim burial”! this whole thing makes me laugh! even if it was all true it doesnt mean i thing. if our president was assasinated it wouldnt do a thing to our government! he is only the public face just like osama was for the taliban. americans are sadly ignorant if they think this means anything to begin with… not to mention we caused all the tturmoil by occupying muslim land (and overthrowing governments with “democracy”. basically my comment to all the media frenzy is “haha”. 🙂

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