I am Sorry Twitter

I live by this motto that if you are wrong you have to admit that you are wrong and apologize. So, I have to give twitter my apology.

About two years ago I wrote a blog post blasting away how bad and pointless I found twitter to be. Well, I was wrong.

When I first signed up with twitter, which was forced upon me by a class assignment I had, I didn’t understand the whole point of it. I found it one simple aspect taken from facebook, the personal status’s, and put into its own website. It was confusing, boring and even a bit creepy.

However, after two years I finally understand how great it actually is! I mean it depends on who you follow and what you use it for, but if you use it right, it’s a very beneficial social networking site. It’s easy to keep up with all types of current events; you name it twitter got it. It’s quick, to the point and easy to read – after you get the hang of it-. You can use it as a self promoter for your business, product or just to get yourself out there, in my case it’s my journalism and reporting skills- hopefully I will be discovered someday-.

Anyways, I’m not going to make this too long, my whole purpose for this blog post is to apologize to twitter. So, here it goes… I am sorry Twitter!

By the way, feel free to follow me on my account, I’m quite interesting to follow!


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